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We are a regional palliative care association constituted by clinicians, other professionals, patients, their families and civil society membership. We collaborate on policy initiatives with other regional and international palliative care associations advocating on behalf of improved access to palliative care for patients and families around the world. We support our national associations to advocate for increased palliative care education, capacity building, research funding, and access to essential medicines.  


  • To provide information about services available in our region and act as a focal point for the general public and others to locate palliative care resources close to them.

  • To act as an advocate for palliative care in the national, regional, and global domains.

  • To promote and facilitate basic palliative care education for health professionals within the region through regional conferences, workshops, and other inter-island collaborations.

  • To advocate for recognition of palliative care as a medical specialty in the region. 

  • To advocate for the establishment of postgraduate specialist programmes in palliative care for physicians and nurses.

  • To raise awareness of the needs of those with serious health-related suffering.

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